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Professional Services

Salient can provide senior engineers to fill project staffing needs. Our company specialty is the ability to quickly come up to speed when placed on a challenging software problem. Our staff has the maturity that comes from working on a wide variety of projects, most of which have been for enterprise-class systems. That kind of experience has deepened our understanding of computer science and software engineering.

We have a record of success in every professional service placement that we have done. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular needs.

Standing on our foundation of experience, we are able to provide expertise as needed on software projects large and small. We have seen many successes and many failures in software development. Salient can help you avoid pitfalls and find time-to-market speed-ups that will make your software less expensive and more reliable.

We have provided helpful advice and guidance on projects of all sizes. We are flexible in our arrangements, and have done successful engagements as short as one day.

Domestic Outsourcing
We have a development team and an engineering lab that can handle small to medium size software projects. We can take a project from an idea to maturity, from requirements elicitation to effective maintenance.

We can perform software development projects based on either a fixed price bid or on a time and materials basis.

Salient has worked both sides of the security world. We have defended systems from hostile attackers, and we have legally cracked protected systems for investigators. Our experience in this field has led to product development of forensic software.

If you have security needs such as firewalls, X.509 certificates, VPNs, hacker protection, or other specialized needs, we can help you.

What service can we perform for you?

Salient Skillsets

We have extensive experience developing on a variety of platforms:

  • Unix® (SolarisTM, LinuxTM, HP-UXTM, SCOTM, UnixWareTM, DG/UX®, AIX®, FreeBSD)
  • Microsoft WindowsTM
  • Midrange and Mainframe (OS/390®, MVS®, AS/400®, VM®)
  • JavaTM, Javascript, XML, HTML, C/C++, Perl, Ada, Pascal, Fortran 77+, Assembly Language, SQL, Python, Ruby

Our associates have designed, developed and delivered a variety of sophisticated projects including:

  • mobile apps
  • operating systems
  • management software
  • languages and compilers
  • project management
  • web site design and development
  • Java GUI front-ends to system applications
  • performance tools
  • B2B connectors and adapters
  • storage networks
  • office automation
  • systems software
  • database applications
  • real-time embedded systems
  • QA management and test
  • data encryption routines
  • quality assurance test tools
  • streaming video websites
  • performance tuning
  • runtime environments

How can we help you?

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