Gets Information to Your
Customers Right Away

Imagine that you are meeting with a prospective customer. She asks for a detailed product specification. No problem. With just a few button pushes on your cell phone, the information is immediately faxed to your prospect. And you can continue your discussion right then and there.

Imagine another prospect wants a brochure sent to his manager before proceeding any further. No problem. Just a few seconds with your cell phone gets the brochure emailed to his manager. And you continue with your presentation.

Imagine a building contractor stopping work because a building code or specification is not available. No problem. Just a few key presses on the cell phone gets the details faxed to the job site.

FingerDoc, by Salient Software Solutions, comes to the rescue in these situations. Whenever you need information right away, anywhere -- FingerDoc gets it to you with just a touch of a finger. No more waiting for someone in the office to search through drawers and fax the information. No more waiting for someone to type email. No more leaving the job before the job is done.

What Do I Need to Use FingerDoc?

Just a cell phone.

FingerDoc is a program that runs on your cell phone. If you do not have a Java-based cell phone, it is no more expensive than a standard cellular phone. With a Java-based cell phone, you can benefit from FingerDoc and other productivity-increasing applications.


How Does it Work?

Your cell phone runs the small FingerDoc application that does two important things:

  1. Gives you the ability to seek out needed documents. You use the cell phone buttons and the information on the phone screen to search for your documents.
  2. Automatically communicates with the FingerDoc control center. The control center finds your documents and sends them to you via fax, email.

It's as easy to do as making a phone call.

Just What Are These Documents?

The standard documents you already use, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, scanned-in paper, or just about anything you have stored on the computer.

Who Benefits Most From

Professionals who work in the field or on-the-road will benefit greatly from FingerDoc. If your clients can access email or receive a fax, you can supply them with needed information. If you are out of the office, you can easily retrieve the information you need.

Some specific professions and applications for FingerDoc are:

  • Sales reps
  • Field engineers
  • Sales support
  • Building trades
  • Medical professionals


Click here for PDF brochure.


  • Easy.

  • Email or fax documents

  • Works right from your cell phone.

  • Documents come from your computer.

  • Great for those who are not in the office.

FingerDoc Architecture

A common cell phone communicates over the internet, telling the computer to fax or email a document.

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