The following reference letter was provided to us by Tom Wheeler of Luminant Worldwide:



November 15, 2000

To whom it may concern:

It was a privilege and a joy to have Don Law on the Latinanet project’s technical team for which I was architect and team lead from July through mid-October of this year.

During that time Don served a myriad functions on the technical team of eight. They included:

In addition to his extremely broad and deep technical expertise Don exhibited an absolute willingness to learn new technologies; great ability in doing so and in putting the new learning to use; willingness to accept new assignments and roles as the project underwent various changes, and to carry them out in an excellent and utterly dependable way. In fact, he so often anticipated the needs of the project that his soft-spoken “It’s already done” in response to new requests became a byword within the team.

Finally, his personal manner was always gracious, professional, unassuming (since his expertise speaks for itself), the epitome of the ‘team player’, and a pure joy to work with.

For all these reasons, he was universally recognized as THE key player on the team. I – and indeed anyone who worked with him on the project - would unhesitatingly recommend him for any position his modesty would permit him to accept, and would welcome the opportunity to work with him on any future project.

Please feel free to contact me at 301-871-5899 (home) or 703-362-8925 (cell) if I may provide any further information or specifics in regard to any of the foregoing.


Tom Wheeler

Luminant Technical Architect