June 25, 2001
Richard Budet
Principle Consultant
Keane, Inc.
2525 Meridian Parkway Suite 400
Durham, NC 27713


To whom it may concern:

This letter serves to document my involvement and experience with Don Law who may be seeking a consulting or employment situation with your company.

I am currently the project manager of a 40-person engagement providing development, maintenance, and support services to a large multinational computer hardware and software manufacturer located in Research Triangle Park (RTP), NC. Don Law was one of the senior software engineers working on this project. Don worked for me between December 2000 and June 2001.

I place Don Law in the high category of technical proficiency and experience. Don is an excellent technical resource in that he brings with him a deep knowledge of software engineering principles and techniques, but he is also more than willing to do original research to educate himself to achieve proficiency in specific technical subject areas that are of interest to your company or project.

Don gets high marks from me for his friendly, outgoing, cooperative, polished, flexible, and consultative approach to problem resolution. He is popular and respected by the other senior engineering staff. Don is an exceptional self-starter capable of operating well independently.

Without a doubt, I would gladly enjoy the opportunity to work with Don on another engagement.

Please advise if you require additional information, or have additional needs for similar candidates.


Richard Budet